The aim of this section is to answer a few questions that we received in the past years from our users. If you will not find an answer to your question here, do not hesitate to contact us. If your question is related to Windows Firewall Control, then visit this section.

Why a donation is required to become a registered user ? Isn't this more actually a sale ?

Because we receive very few donations we can't operate like a real business that sells products. To operate like a real business that sells products we will have to pay more taxes over a year than the donations we receive. Your donation is used to buy software licenses, new hardware, hosting costs for the website. You support us with your donation and as a reward for your gratitude we give you a lifetime license for all of your home computers. There is one time donation and you will be a registered user for all versions of our products. We think this is a fair deal.

I agree to make a donation. What happens if you will run out of business ? How will I be able to get a new activation code ?

If for some reason, we will lose interest for our products or we will go in a ten years space expedition, we will release a final version that will be freeware and will not require any activation. Our main product, Windows Firewall Control is under active development since 2010 and new features are still under development. We have plans to extend our existing products and also create new ones in the future.

I want to make a donation and become a registered user. What is My account area ? What is there ?

When you become a registered user, you receive a username and a password that will give you unlimited access to My account area. From your registered user account you have access to an online activation code generator. You can access your account from anywhere and get a new activation code anytime you want. For example, you have reinstalled your operating system, or you have bought a new computer. Your login credentials are automatically send to you by the donation script. If you didn't receive this email in the next 30 minutes after your donation was processed, please let us know and we will fix the problem with high priority.

I am a registered user but I forgot my username/my password. How can I recover my account ?

If you forgot your password, click here to reset your password. If you forgot your username, please send us an email and we will resend you your login credentials to access your registered user account. In order to identify you in our registered users database, please provide us your full name and the email address that you have used with PayPal when you became a registered user. Usually, your username is your primary email that you have defined in your PayPal account.

If I have a problem with your product how you will help me ?

If you need assistance or you have questions regarding our products, you can get in touch with us through email. Use the contact page to reach us or send your email to Please try to give us as many details about your problem in order to find the solution. If your question is related to Windows Firewall Control you can click here to visit the dedicated section which answers a lot of questions. Also, we have a dedicated topic on Wilders Security Forums where you can post your questions about Windows Firewall Control.

The memory usage seems to be a bit high. It may be possible that you have a memory leak in your software ?

Our products use the .NET framework. NET applications tend to have a larger memory footprint than native unmanaged applications. This is because the framework loads any required assemblies in memory. The memory usage reported by Task Manager is not very accurate because from these loaded .NET assemblies, some of them might be shared between multiple applications, but in Windows they appear and are counted for each application separately. For a .NET application written in WPF, the memory consumption is very standard. This is not so important. CPU usage is important because it can slow down the computer. The memory is garbage collected by the .NET framework when it is the right time, and because the GC is called by the framework, multiple instances of the same objects can reside in memory until they are garbage collected. One thing is sure: you will not run out of memory because of Windows Firewall Control.

Why your software is not signed with a digital signature ?

A code signing certificate from a trusted certificate authority costs some hundreds of US dollars a year. Since we receive very few donations, this is not a priority.
Should you need any assistance you can reach us at our support email address: